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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How To Invest In The Drone Revolution - How To Invest In The Drone Revolution

How To Invest In The Drone Revolution! 

Our Diamond Members are learning how to secret invest in the DRONE industry, no matter the level and your investing experience. How cool right? We are living in a time where science fiction movies, and ideas about weird technology such as drones is now becoming a reality!! 

Not only is this cool but if you educate yourself properly, and study where the smart money is going you can profit and have fun at the same time.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

the financial sector - financial sector analysis

the financial sector - financial sector analysis

"the financial sector - financial sector analysis" 

in the news the financial sector - financial sector analysis? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader can see A domino effect from the bond market could lead to a correction in stocks. We will see.... There are no guarantees with this stuff. 

U.S. Treasury yields are hovering near one-month lows and a significant move lower may trigger a correction in equities. First there is an important chart. 

Sectors like financials could be threatened, adding the best-performing groups of the year "will top out at some point, and leave the broader S&P 500 Index vulnerable to a more material correction later this year.

The reflation trade centers around stocks that benefit from higher inflation and yields, including financials. Investors and traders have been betting that inflation will rise under Donald Trump's presidency as he moves to enact an agenda that includes lower corporate taxes and infrastructure spending.

The Financials Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF (XLF), which tracks the S&P financials sector, has been a stalwart since Trump's victory, rising more than 17 percent since Nov. 8. However you can see that the Chart is starting to depict a head and shoulders pattern, and which is seen in the books of the best technical analysts as not being a particularly strong chart pattern going forward. So it could be a bit of a warning sign shorter term.  

But the reflation trade has been under siege lately because of the decline in rates. The benchmark 10-year note yield has fallen from about 2.41 percent to 2.24 percent since May 10 and hit a one-month low on Wednesday. Financials, meanwhile, suffered their worst day since June 24 earlier this week on the back of the U.S. stock market's worst session of 2017.

Stocks fell sharply on Wednesday on news that former FBI Director James Comey put together a memo outlining a conversation in which Trump asked him to halt an investigation into Michael Flynn's ties with Russian officials. Flynn is Trump's former national security adviser.

Hunter noted that if yields fall, sectors like financials could be threatened, adding the best-performing groups of the year, technology and consumer discretionary, "will top out at some point, and leave the broader S&P 500 Index vulnerable to a more material correction later this year."

One could adopt a much more defensive bias if the market internals do not improve in the weeks ahead, the leadership groups start to form bearish momentum divergence patterns, and we are looking at certain levels as the market target zone this summer."

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

mexico is the new china

mexico is the new china

"mexico is the new china" 

in the news mexico is the new china? What this all about..... See below. 


Sentiment Trader 

There are some analysts that say they are bullish on emerging markets, because they see alot of flows coming back to the market in those areas. Meaning some of the smart money is placing their chips there. However one of our analysts are saying is that the investors in 2017 are underestimating inflation. 

We think there is a bigger divergence in the market right now between official inflation as opposed to what is actually happening out there in the real world especially in the emerging markets.  overall inflation seems to be drifting higher, and it can have enormous consequences for all emerging markets, the way we see it. 

I can see that the Mexican stock market is under-loved, but still have relative strength and when you look at their stock market is actually broken out of a longer downtrend. 

We do not really share these charts on the blog, but we are in a giving mood, recently as some of our predictions have been playing out nicely over the last few months. We have not seen fresh money and fund flow into areas such as japan and china, but we do have a rather secret idea, because over the last 7 weeks, we have seen smart traders with big pockets start to move their pocket money to places such as MEXICO. Yes!  China has risen to fast, and we believe that MEXICO could be the next china.

Laugh if you will, but let us explain. Its 30% cheaper, but its quality control is in the American Standard. There have been other countries rely on Vietnam and Cambodia, and in the last 24 months we have seen manufacture leave china very rapidly and move to these countries in droves. 

Over the recent 12 months, we believe the mexico-Texas Midwest quarter, right now is the number one destination for capital flows for global markets right now. 

Even with the Donald Trump planning to build an almighty mexico wall, and even with other problems surrounding mexico with trump as president, why would we tell people about this? 

The answer is pretty simple. With wages so cheap, and quality control so high, and their willingness to allow foreign investment, is much increased compared to the past. It makes for a very nice recipe we think in the coming 24 to 36 months, as we see it. This is one place to keep your eye on. 

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